In sports, insoles are more important than shoes!

Modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and they also pay more attention to physical health. Exercise can not only strengthen the body but also keep the body and mind happy. Among all sports, running is the most convenient and efficient exercise. However, some people experience heel pain after running for a period of time. Therefore, you must pay attention to safety during exercise, wear comfortable shoes, and pad a pair of insoles with elastic properties, good cushioning power, and breathable and sweat-absorbing insoles.

Why do feet hurt after running? The plantar fascia is located on the sole of the foot, the connective tissue that connects the heel to the toe, and supports the entire arch of the foot. When a person walks or runs and the heel touches the ground, the plantar fascia is stretched, so plantar fasciitis is prone to occur in the heel area.

Four ways to prevent plantar fasciitis

1 . Wear suitable shoes. After running for about 650 kilometers, the cushion of running shoes will lose its cushioning effect due to long-term wear. It is generally recommended to replace new shoes or sports insoles after 6 months, but before runners are not used to the new equipment, they should reduce the amount of running or exercise until they get used to it.

2 . Before running, you can do some warm-up exercises to stretch the calf muscles and plantar fascia.

3 . Don’t be too hasty, but slowly increase the training intensity. It is recommended that a runner who wants to increase the amount of running should not exceed 10% of the running distance per week.

4 . After running, you can apply ice to your feet, especially those who are running after plantar fasciitis has recovered

The importance of insoles is as important as shoes in sports, and the insoles that fit on the feet can protect the feet well. However, when choosing an insole, you must understand the material used and what properties it has. Like a cork insole, it has good elasticity and cushioning, and it is breathable and sweat-absorbing, making it easier to exercise.

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