Is the heightening insole fully padded or half padded?

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There are many types of insoles, like soletta sportiva, walking insole, full length insole and half insole ,  so how to choose?

In the autumn and winter seasons, the height-increasing insoles can be placed in the shoes. In fact, the height-increasing insoles can well modify the shape of the legs. I believe many beautiful women use it! Today IDEASTEP will introduce to you, how many centimeters is suitable for heightening the insole? Is it better to increase the insole with half pad or full pad?

1. Is it better to have half padding or full padding?

Full pads cannot guarantee that you will fit every pair of shoes, half pads are harmful to the arch of the foot, and three-quarter pads are the most comfortable. This kind of insole can keep the body balanced, and the protruding arch design fits exactly where the sole of the foot is to be lifted, and it is thick and not heavy, and it will not cause discomfort when it is increased.

2. It is suitable to increase the insole by a few centimeters

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the most dense part of the human body is the sole of the foot, so it is very important to choose a pair of high-quality insoles. High heels and height-increasing insoles are similar in principle to physical heightening. It is best to wear high-heeled shoes below 4 cm, otherwise it will It can cause spine displacement and arthritis, and a pair of suitable shoes can relieve physical fatigue, increase energy, and improve sleep.

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