The insole is smelly

There are two reasons why the insole still smells bad even after washing:
① The insole material itself is the source of odor. The insole made of some recycled materials or special materials has a bad smell, which makes people feel uncomfortable, and it is a continuous release process.
Solution: This kind of insole can be replaced, buy a kind of insole with a small smell. At present, many big brand shoes or insoles have a small smell, and some have a slight fragrance.
② After wearing beriberi or foot odor, the odor is left on the insole. After washing, it still smells because the fungus infects the insole and multiplies and grows on the insole.
Solution: If the odor is caused by athlete’s foot, you can expose the insole to the sun, or use a spray for treating athlete’s foot or a footwear deodorant to spray the insole to kill athlete’s foot fungus and eliminate the source of odor.
Altre soluzioni:
1. Sprinkle some salt on the insole to absorb sweat and deodorize.
2. After returning home, put the insoles in a ventilated place, or use a hair dryer to dry the shoes thoroughly. If you really don’t have time, you can spray the insoles with a door deodorant deodorant.
3. Put a cotton ball moistened with lemon essential oil directly into the shoes to remove the peculiar smell in the shoes. (For the feet that often wear shoes or sports shoes, a few drops of warm water with a few drops of tea essential oil can deodorize and sterilize.
4. Before going to bed every night, dipped a cotton cloth with a little alcohol, and evenly wipe it into the sneakers that have just been taken off, and put them on after they are dry the next morning. After two weeks of persistence, the shoes will not smell.
5. Take an appropriate amount of dehydrated alum or dry lime powder, pack it in a small cloth bag, and put it in the shoes before going to bed every night. The wet odor in the shoes can be eliminated the next day.
6. Press a few sanitary balls into powder, sprinkle them in the clean shoes, and put an insole on them, so that the feet will not smell easily when worn.
7. Sprinkle enough white wine evenly on the sponge bottom of the newly-purchased sneakers until the sponge bottom can’t be absorbed. After they are dried, they will not smell bad when worn.
8. Put a layer of soda powder in the shoes to remove the smell of the shoes.
9. Tear off a few small sections of toilet paper, fold it to the width of the shoe, and then stuff it into the sole of the shoe.

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